What is Mindshine?

Mindshine is a digital mental health platform that helps you train your mind like a muscle, and feel better. Our 3-pillared approach will help you with powerful habit forming exercises, a peer-to-peer support community, and the education necessary to understand the science and principles behind the methods via audio, video and written articles.

Why do we do it?

There are over 1 billion people in the world with untreated mental health issues. Professional help can be inaccessible, inflexible, expensive, and daunting, and we believe a simple, accessible and fun solution can measurably improve the lives of all of them.

Who do we help?

We help people suffering from light to moderate mental health problems. The most common issues include Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Poor self-esteem or low confidence, and low motivation.

Unlike other self-service platforms, Mindshine offers a holistic approach. This means there is a variety of sessions to choose from to suit your preferences.

The 3 C's of Mindshine


Our app offers you guided coaching based on your goals. We support you in taking small daily steps with guided breathwork, meditation, journaling, sleeping techniques, cognitive reframing, visualisation, emotional processing, and more.

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We’re more than just an app. You can listen to our “Better Begins in the Mind” podcast, incorporate our free exercises into your daily practice, read about mental health tips and tricks on our blog, or watch our videos to learn more about the science behind our techniques. 


Connection is one of the key factors to happiness and at Mindshine we are building a strong community for you to connect with other people who are actively working on their mental health and are seeking support - just like you!

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The Science behind Mindshine

Lake view Research
We research the best evidence-based practices and adapt techniques from the world of psychology and neuroscience to fit into short, actionable steps that help you reach your goals.
Journal with a cup of coffee on the sideTesting
Our team holds weekly meetings where we test all of our exercises and courses, give feedback, and make improvements to ensure that they are the best that they can be. 

Dr Marhsa & Charlie

Dr. Marsha Chinichian from Pepperdine University guides us along the way as Mindshine’s Chief Science Officer.

Charlie is our Creative Director and is the soothing voice behind Mindshine! With help from Monika, he researches, writes, and records all of the exercises in the app.

The minds behind Mindshine

We’re a passionate and diverse bunch of mental health enthusiasts who want to make the world happier, one mind at a time. We practice what we preach at Mindshine to make sure that everyone feels at home on the team by checking in and out with each other and always giving gratitude.









Dr. Marsha





About Greator

Our parent company, Greator, is Germany’s #1 brand for personal development and coaching. Greator provides you with valuable, inspirational insight and unique coaching offers and supports you on the path to your self-actualization. The name Greator is made up of the words “greatness” and “creator”, because Greator’s goal is to help you become the creator of your own great life.

You can learn more about Greator here.

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