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Current bug update:


Some users have reported being unable to access the app. What we think is happening is that there is an error in our backend whereby people who have purchased a Lifetime subscription, are being marked as having "renewal failed" as their status instead of “Lifetime”.

This in turn, is causing the app to think that they no longer have access, when in fact they should.We’re really sorry about that and want you to know that we’re working hard on resolving the issue and are hoping to have shipped a fix within 48 hours. 'The reason why it will take that long is because we are a very small team, but please believe that we are doing all that we can.

In the meantime, maybe you're curious about how a software company like Mindshine "debugs" technical errors like this:

First, we see if we check our software to make sure that there are no major crashes inside of the app or on our website.

Then, we check with customer support to see if anyone has reported anything strange lately (this is probably what you did 😉). This is an important part of the process because your feedback genuinely helps us to locate the bug and squash it as soon as we can.

So, you are probably chatting with me directly, or the Customer Happiness team about what type of device you have and when you encounter the error, for example. All of this information gets forwarded to our development team so that we can investigate the issue.

Next, we test everything ourselves from the very beginning of downloading Mindshine to signing up, paying, and training inside of the app. We basically try to reproduce the bug to confirm our theories. And last but not least, our development team works hard on resolving the bug and getting you back to training like a pro.

Maybe you found that interesting or maybe you didn't, but hopefully you have a better idea of what we're doing right this second, to help get you access to Mindshine again 🤗

Thank you for your patience.

We’ll keep you updated here once everything is resolved.

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