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Reimagine the role of organisations and their impact on mental health. It can be easy. It can have an immense effect. It can be fun.

We make mental health accessible to everyone.

Through step-by-step guidance and short interactive coaching sessions, we lower the barriers and make it easier to work on your mental health.

Mindshine for organisations is a digital mental health platform that offers your employees holistic science-based mental health support and coaching.

Actively contributing to having a mentally healthy and happy team is an increasingly complex task. There is no one size fits it all - everyone has different challenges, goals, needs and strengths. This is where we come into play.

We back you. Science backs us.

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How we support your organisation:

  • Enhance the stress management skills, resilience and productivity of your team.

  • Boost employee mental health and happiness at work, reducing absense and boosting engagement.

  • Advance CSR efforts including regular anonymised reporting.

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With guided coaching and mental health content that is based on the latest research, we support your employees to develop the skills they need to better manage current workplace as well as personal challenges. No matter whether they are working remotely, in a hybrid model or only from the company office.

We offer content and methods for the most relevant challenges arising at work, e.g. develop the skills to better manage stress, become more resilient, develop positive thought patterns, properly switch off after work and find purpose and joy at work.

Mindshine improves the long term mental health, engagement and resilience of your team. We don’t just treat the symptoms of stress but also work on and remove its root cause.

How we support your employees

  • Unlimited, on-demand mental health coaching via Mindshine Pro Access.

  • Techniques for better mental health, stress management skills, taking micro breaks, improving productivity and much more.

  • 350+ Sessions and courses - tailored towards the individual goals and needs regarding mental health.

  • Mood Tracker & statistics to monitor trends and developments.

  • Quick Sessions for taking micro breaks throughout the workday.

  • Routines to find clarity and focus in the morning, re-align at mid-day or properly switch off in the evening.

  • Live Workshops.

  • Available in German and English.

  • Safe, secure and anonymised.

The benefits of Mindshine

Science based

We have adapted techniques from the world of psychology and neuroscience to fit into short, audio-guided sessions.

Close support

We support you in planning, launching and driving lasting success with your mental health strategy and Mindshine.

Actionable Steps

Adapted to your needs, challenges, your team and your organisation. Together with you, we’ll analyse the current status quo, find out what you need, what your goal is and how we can support you.

What plan is right for you?

We are quick, thorough and easy to work with and can provide you with a concept and a solution fast. If you are looking for something more customised, we are also very flexible and will find an individual offering that fits your needs.

Team Solution:
Easy, quick to implement, low budget solution. Get access to Mindshine Pro for up to 50 employees e.g. with a discount option or full support.

Organisation Solution: 

Together we will find out what your organisation needs and how we can integrate that into the systems that you already use.

Client Solution:
If you are a psychotherapist, psychologist, health consultant or other care giver who wants to use Mindshine for their clients, please get in touch with us, let us know what you have in mind and together we’ll find something that fits your needs.


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