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Better begins in the mind Podscast

Can a podcast help you to become happier? Explore the fascinating world of the mind and discover how to achieve lasting happiness along the way in the Mindshine podcast, Better Begins In the Mind.

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The Mindshine Podcast.

Get proven tips from experts to improve your wellbeing, listen to guests with fascinating life stories, and follow as we put scientific wellness findings to the test. 

Presented by the English voice of the Mindshine App, Charlie Inman, and our very own clinical psychologist, Dr Marsha Chinichian, this fascinating and uplifting podcast explores happiness in all its forms and digs deep into what we can do to get more of it into our lives.

Ready to change your mind?

Make your daily commute or your next drive a life-changing experience full of thought-provoking conversations with experts in the field of the mind, and people who have brought their own minds back from the brink. You’ll be inspired to change for the better, and you’ll learn how to go about it. 

Comforting, funny and thrilling, Better Begins In the Mind is more than just a good listen, it’s a supportive and relatable companion on your journey to happiness. Bringing you all the feels and the facts, Better Begins in the Mind will provide you with valuable insights to tackle your happiness goals and leave you with a smile on your face. 

Following the successful German version of the podcast (100K streams and counting!), Mindshine is making happiness even more accessible with an English version, helping make the world a happier place, one mind at a time. Find the podcast on your favourite listening platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


About Your Host - Charlie Inman

Charlie is the creative director and English voice of Mindshine. Before Mindshine, he spent 20 years making documentary films, so he's well used to poking around in peoples minds asking questions and trying to get them to give up the good stuff. He lives in London with his partner and their two kids, meditates and shines up his mind every day, and swims in cold water as often as possible.

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