Guided coaching, by Mindshine

Coaching is the heart of Mindshine, and we have over 200 audio-guided sessions that break down complex scientific principles into simple, easy, and fun practices for you to do on your way to the gym, on your train-ride home, or even at home.

Most are hosted on the Mindshine App, but we have some here on our website, free to everyone.

Free online sessions

Try this selection of coaching sessions, as a taster of what lies within the Mindshine App.

Lake view Beginners Meditation
It’s always daunting trying something new, especially if you don’t know where to start. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to meditate but didn’t know what on earth to do, check out this beginners session that will guide you through your first meditation.
Journal with a cup of coffee on the sideSelf-Compassion Journal
This Self-Compassion Journaling session will help you talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend, and learn how to give yourself gratitude and love.
Lighthouse in the the seaDealing with difficult emotions
If you’re feeling extra emotional right now, we encourage you to try this guided SOS session that will help you understand these difficult emotions and learn how to process them.
Shower drainLet Anxiety Go
Feeling restless or overwhelmed? Try this meditation that will help you release your anxiety and leave you feeling calm and at ease.
Slinky toy going downstairsFlex and Relax
Check out this 2-minute exercise that will allow you to let go of any built-up tension and make you feel instantly more relaxed.
Mindshine daily routines screen in english

What does Mindshine entail?

We have adapted techniques from psychology and neuroscience into a collection of simple guided sessions based on your goal (e.g build confidence) and are often designed to fit around a stage in your day (e.g after lunch walk).

We break down larger techniques into small and actionable, and achievable steps that anyone can follow, and we help keep you accountable. There are exercises to suit all environments, and all
levels of experience.

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The benefits of Mindshine

Over 200 audio-guided sessions that break down complex scientific principles into simple, easy, and fun practices with the Mindshine coach at the center, recommending your next action and helping to keep you accountable.

Science based

We have adapted techniques from the world of psychology and neuroscience to fit into short, audio-guided sessions.

Tailored to you

Our exercises are based around your goals. With Mindshine, you choose the destination, and we recommend the path. 

Actionable Steps

Our powerful coaching plans are simple, fun, and come in bite-sized daily chunks that fit your schedule.


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