Mindshine Pricing & Demo Explained

Last Update: Feb 2024

Mindshine is a tool which improves your mental health. Unfortunately for most people, unless your employer or health insurance can provide you with a licesnce, there is a cost to accessing the content.

However,  there are various completely free ways in which new Mindshiners can "try before you buy".

The Demo: 

After you install the Mindshine app, you automatically are given a "Demo" account. This means you can use the full un-restricted version of the app, up to 3 times. After which the app is locked, and you are asked either to pay, or take a trial.

The trial is also free, but it requires more commitment to take it, as at the end the trial, you will automatically be charged (If you do not cancel first) via whichever app store you installed from (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).

The usual journey is: 

  1. Install Mindshine (Free).

  2. Use the Demo (Free).
  3. Take a "Trial" (Free - but with possible non-free consequences).
  4. Purchase a full subscription (not free).  

The Prices: 

At Mindshine, we are constantly torn between our desire to help as many people improve their mental health as possible, and our need to pay our bills. If we cannot keep our own lights on, then we cannot help anyone at all. That being said, Mindshine is not a free tool.

In most cases, you need to purchase access to Mindshine on your own. However, we do offer business subscriptions, so please email us if you think your company would benefit from offering a mental health solution to its employees.

If you're wanting access to Mindshine for personal use, we have these options:

  • 12 month recurring subscription at 129.99 Euros*. This renews at the same price ever year. 

  • Lifetime access for 249.99 Euros*. This is a one-time fee that will unlock Mindshine forever. 

If you are ready to purchase, you can open the email we sent you when you first signed up, which contains a checkout link which will take you to the correct place. 

Alternatively, if you return to the app, you can take the “Native Trial”. This is a totally free 7 day trial offered via Apple or Google, where you can access everything in the app, as you will only be charged after the trial is completed.

Return to App

If you feel like you cannot afford these prices, but do need Mindshine, we do offer some forms of discounts and financial support. Please follow this link to find out more

We hope that you continue to practice with Mindshine, and that we are able to help you on your journey towards happiness and improved Mental Health. 

Your Mindshine Team.

*We are based in Europe, so our base currency is Euro, and we have an automatic currency localisation tool that help us offer Mindshine all over the world in the local currency

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