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February 9, 2022



GET READY FOR CHANGE! From Feb 11th 2022, Mindshine Coaching plans are shorter, better, and more targeted to your needs.

Our coaching plans are the core of our app. We believe that whatever it is you want to work on, the best and most effective way to do it is through guided coaching. Step by step, our audio leads you through exercises which, when done in the right order, prepare you for change, and then give you the tools to create it. 

With the free version of the app, you’re essentially being given access to mental hygiene. Exercises which you can use daily to keep on top mental form, and help you back up when things are tough. 

If you want to see more concrete change in an area of your life, like more confidence and motivation, closer relationships, or emotional awareness, then guided coaching is what you need.  


Listening to your feedback, and looking at the data in the app, we realised that while you were enjoying the coaching, many of you were failing to get to the end of the coaching plans.

Then chatting about what to do about it, we saw that the answer was staring us in the face, right there in the DNA of our Mindshine methodology. What does Mindshine prescribe when a task seems too big, scary, or challenging? BREAK IT DOWN INTO SMALLER, MORE EASILY ACHIEVABLE CHUNKS… celebrate each win, and benefit from the motivating shot of dopamine your brain gives you as a reward!!! So that’s exactly what we’ve done!


This is actually a suprisingly proud moment for us! We are listening to our users, and practicing what we preach, in the same moment. Win win!

The What: Starting from Feb 11th, our interactive audio coaching plans will now be between 5 and 10 sessions long. This allows us to introduce a subject, and then take you through a series of audio explainers and steps for you to complete, building sequentially on each other, and leading you up and through the door to a new way of being. With each coaching plan you complete, you’re one step closer to the best version of yourself. 

You’ll still access the coaching plans by navigating to the Coaching tab on the bottom of the Mindshine app. In order to access them, however, you will need to be a Mindshine Pro user.

We would love to hear from you, so If you’d like to give us feedback on the new shorter plans,  please send an email to and it will make its way to the correct person. 

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