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April 6, 2022



Try out the new Mindshine structure.

There’s nothing we love more than writing and recording new content and courses to help you work on your mental health, but feedback from the community was suggesting that while our users love the content, our app was starting to get a little overwhelming with too much choice.

So with our latest bug-squashing update we’ve redesigned what you see now when you open the Mindshine app, to make it simpler, easier to use, and to point you towards the choices which will lead you to your goal.

Update your app to make sure you’re working with the latest version and feast your eyes. Here’s a little breakdown of what’s changed:


Mindshine’s new front page. Everything you need to get going without the distractions. It has specifically been designed to help you with a recommended next action, to help reduce option stress, and make the path foward clearer for those who prefer a guided approach.

When you open the app, you’ll arrive on the new Coach Screen, which presents you with three easy options:

  1. Continue your coaching journey - get stuck in to the next session of your current course, or choose a new one.
  2. Work with one of our routines - These change appropriately throughout the day from morning set-you-ups to evening wind-downs.
  3. Quick Exercises - NEW specially recorded mini exercises done in around 2 minutes.


No time for Mindshine? That’s when you most need it!

This is a new section of the app designed for users in a hurry. For these micro sessions, we’ve cut back to the bare essentials to get straight to the action. They are on average only 2 minutes long, sof you’ve only got a couple of minutes to spare, but you fancy a quick mental pick-me-up, we now have something to suit.  

You can choose from a growing list of these short sessions  to work on every aspect of your mental health, from reflection questions, to breathing exercises, to visualizations and mini-meditations.

At the bottom of the app, alongside the circle symbol for the coach screen you’ll see a mountain symbol for the explore screen and a little person symbol to take you to your profile screen.


Everything in the app, nicely organized, and all in one place.

If you know what you’re looking for, or you just fancy a bit of a browse, you can access the full catalog of Mindshine exercises in the explore screen.

Here you’ll find our S.O.S exercises, Courses recommended specifically for you, and even every session from every course; which you can see organized by exercise-type, training objective, seasonal suitability and even what’s popular right now with other Mindshiners.

The goal of this screen is to satisfy the Mindshiners who either know what they want, or prefer to look at “the whole menu” before choosing.
We have also made searching easier, with quick filter buttons at the top, arranged by goal, e.g “Stress”.


Look how far you’ve come!

In the profile section, you can see your journey so far. Look back on the sessions you’ve done recently in the activity tab, and access sessions that you’ve saved in the favorites tab. You can also access settings by touching the cog wheel symbol, where you can manage your personal details, your subscription, change language, share the app with a friend, and contact help and support.

How do you like it?

We’d love to hear how you feel about the redesign. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach a real-life helpful human via email at

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