Hey there,

a friend of yours is currently doing the Journey “Signature Strengths” with Mindshine – the personal growth coach and needs your help. His task is to identify his unique strengths and evaluate them against the external perception of his friends. It would be great if you invested 5 minutes of your precious time and help your friend to grow as a person.

Your task is simple: From a list of 24 signature strengths, please choose 5  strengths that you see in him/her and send them.

  1. Curiosity: your friend likes exploration and discovery.
  2. Creativity: thinking of new ways to do things is a crucial part of who your friend is.
  3. Love-of-learning: your friend has a passion for mastering new skills, topics, and bodies of knowledge.
  4. Perspective: people who know your friend consider your friend wise.
  5. Judgement: your friend think things through and examine them from all sides.
  6. Honesty: your friend live his/her life in a genuine and authentic way.
  7. Zest: your friend approach everything your friend do with excitement and energy.
  8. Bravery: your friend do not shrink from threat, challenge, difficulty, or pain.
  9. Perseverance: your friend works hard to finish what your friend starts.
  10. Love: your friend value close relations with others.
  11. Kindness: your friend are kind and generous to others.
  12. Social Intelligence: your friend know how to fit in to different social situations.
  13. Fairness: one of your friends abiding principles is to treat all people fairly.
  14. Teamwork: your friend excel as a member of a group.
  15. Leadership: your friend excel at encouraging a group to get things done.
  16. Forgiveness: your friend forgive those who have done your friend wrong.
  17. Prudence: your friend are a careful person.
  18. Self Regulation: your friend are a disciplined person.
  19. Humility: your friend does not seek the spotlight and others recognize and value your friends modesty.
  20. Appreciation of Beauty: your friend notice and appreciate beauty and excellence in all domains of life.
  21. Hope: your friend expect the best in the future, and your friend work to achieve it.
  22. Gratitude: your friend are aware of good things that happen and don’t take them for granted.
  23. Humor: bringing smiles to other people is important to your friend.
  24. Spirituality: your friends beliefs shape your friends actions and are a source of comfort to your friend.

Let your mind shine!

Your Mindshine Team