Let’s be honest, majority of us could use assistance with optimizing our lives’ maximum productivity. We are constantly bombarded, from all directions – family, work, personal issues – which contribute to overwhelming stress that make even daily tasks daunting, cultivating procrastination and defeat. To-do lists are an excellent way to focus your mind as a performance coach for personal growth. 

Productivity & Personal Growth

Productivity is correlated with an individuals mental and physical energy and motivation for a desired outcome. We feel most productive when completing tasks that are meaningful and important to our identifying priorities. Productivity can boost our personal growth by preventing procrastination, boosting efficiency and supporting our goals. A growth mindset is essential to productivity by embracing challenges, taking responsibility, and persisting through failures and roadblocks.  Many exercises in the Mindshine app provide tools to focus your goals, create steps for personal growth and identify personal changes to achieve them. We suggest exercises such as Best Future Self, Top Goals, and Facing Failure, which can highlight your goals for growth and begin your productive journey.

Why To-do Lists Maximize Productivity

Research from the University of Toronto suggest that list making can have a positive psychological affect by reinforcing personal identity, calming inner chaos and prioritizing. Clear the mind’s constant flow of information, deadlines, stresses and goals by releasing it onto paper (or a cell phone). According to the Mindshine exercise, The Shit List, any commitment held by the mind creates irrational and unresolvable pressure. Further studies from Wake Forest University showed that tasks we haven’t accomplished distract us, while making a plan to complete them free us from anxiety. Lists can be your performance coach to amplify your focus and organize your intentions; alleviating anxiety, providing structure, mapping out plans and are proof of our accomplishments. And seriously, checking items off a to-do list just feels darn good. 

To-Do Lists Tips

Discovering the most effective to-do list system for you may take some trial and error. To-do lists can be structured based on life categories, timelines, projects, urgency and importance; creating endless opportunities to seize control of your tasks.

Here are some tips to creating the ultimate to-do list:

  • Pay attention to detail. Studies have shown that detailed planning with specific actions will help your brain detect opportunity and seize the moment. Vague goals can cause feelings of confusion and unease, while breaking down goals can provide clarity and organization to avoid overlooking necessary steps.

  • Create a to-do list for everything in your life. Benefit by putting the endless chatter of your brain onto paper and out of your mind, whether your lists consist of “places to go”, “don’t forget”, “write article”, “clean house”, etc. Your brain will thank you.

  • Estimate the timeline of each item to completion. When you allot time for tasks, organizing your day will become easier and ultimately, more productive. 

  • Prioritize based on urgency and importance. Take care of the most pressing tasks, instead of checking off items just for the satisfaction of crossing something off the list.

  • Review. Every day, week, month and year assess the items on your lists. You will gain an understanding of your progress, be able to re-arrange the timeline and importance of tasks and feel more accomplished. 


We all strive for a more productive life. All of your goals, small or large, are attainable if you have a mindset for growth and use the tools available to you. To-do lists are able to organize and externalize physical actions to reach a goal. We strongly suggest you take advantage of the Mindshine exercises available for maximum results. Exercise suggestions include The Shit List, Bucket List, and Overpowering Procrastination. We can not wait to hear all you’ve accomplished while listing your way through life.