Personal growth. Development. Achieving goals.

My life is shaped by the longing for self-fulfillment, realizing plans and letting reality develop the way I imagine it. However the path to this goal is not always easy and even today we achieve it with great effort.

Holistic work

Yoga has been my faithful companion for a long time, my saviour and anchor in times of need.  Working with my body supports me, enabling me to pursue my goals in a healthy way and live my dreams in a gentle way. Feeling the body, giving space to the soul and calming the mind – this is the goal of yoga. 

When I opened the yoga studio Om und Company in Munich in February 2020, I wanted to create more than just a platform for physical exercise, and I wanted to offer more than just yoga classes. I want to share my experiences with my students and take them on a journey of balance, health, and self-realization.

Physical practice and mental training 

For me, contentment has always been one of the biggest challenges in my life. It is not always easy to accept myself as a human being and to accept the external circumstances as they are. But allowing change often costs me strength and energy.

A big and helpful part of my spiritual work is also mental training. Since my second yoga training, which I completed in 2019 in India, meditation and pranayama (breath work) have become a big part of my daily routine. I start the day with a self-love practice, in which I learn through physical exercise and also mental alignment how I am doing and what I need. Every day I learn through listening to myself, but I also get help and support from outside. I find possibilities to develop myself mentally and emotionally. 

Creating a space and conveying understanding

My yoga studio is a place where physical practice plays a major role, but the mental guidance is not to underestimate. The yoga classes are also characterized by a holistic approach with a focus on self-love and positive thinking. I teach my students that a healthy body can only function with a healthy mind – and vice versa. I experience this every day anew, and it is important to me to pass this on. 

Offer support and coaching

After the crisis, digital interaction will probably play a greater role than before – especially in the field of yoga. Digital helpers can provide perfect support in this respect. 

I offer my participants this wonderful, digital coach as a valuable product to complement my yoga classes. The combination of bodywork and mental training is an important interplay in everyday life today.

With the possibility of a daily Mindshine training in connection with a valuable yoga practice, I create a great added value for my customers.

Achieving goals in a healthy way

For me, yoga is one of the most effective ways to feel yourself physically – the Mindshine App is a wonderful supplement for the alert mind.

For my participants a big benefit, for me a great opportunity to offer an additional bonus for personal growth. 

A connection that helps you to become physically and mentally strong. The perfect combination of physical and mental movement.