Have you ever been up for a promotion, given a new opportunity you were looking forward to, or simply encountered sudden good luck and felt a sense of dread? When good things happen to us, we are told to be thankful, appreciative and excited. However, have you ever felt nervous or hesitant when you suddenly accomplish all that you had wished to do? Maybe there was a voice in your head that reminded you that these good fortunes will not last, or maybe you cannot enjoy these good things happening because you worry it may be taken away. While self-doubt is a common occurrence, it is not always discussed openly. Agapi Stassinopoulos, author and inspirational speaker, discusses this phenomenon and how you can feel good when receiving goodness. Modeled after Agapi Stassinopoulos’s framework, here are two simple ways to diminish negative-self talk when good things happen to you:

1. Start to recognize the small successes throughout your day and let yourself bask in the goodness they bring you.

Make an effort to notice everyday experiences that you go through and what small positive influences that they have on your day. Did you wake up early to enjoy cup of coffee? Were your kids out of the door on time and ready to go? Did you make it to work early enough to have a moment to decompress before heading in? These are all small positive influences that can shift the course of your day that we often overlook.

2. Talk back to that voice in your head, by creating a healthier mindset.

Okay, this one may sound a little silly. But in fact, recognizing when you are experiencing negative self-talk and understanding the fault in this way of thinking, can help to quiet that voice in your head. Try responding to that voice with, “I am experiencing something positive, let’s see where this goes”. See how this makes you feel in response to that self-doubt. Recognize that shifting your mindset by shutting down and confronting that negative self-talk directly can create a healthier mindset.

To Sum Up:

Feeling hesitant or nervous when receiving good things happening to us is a common occurrence. However, this self-doubt does not feel good and does not add to your strengths. Allowing yourself to recognize your small successes throughout the day and rejoicing in them, can help to build resistance to the voice in your head telling you that these successes will not last. Additionally, confronting that voice and shifting your thinking to encompass a more positive outlook, can aid in your feelings of hope and excitement when receiving goodness.