When we are a society based on constant progression, the quarantine can feel soul crushing. Our once on-the-go lives have taken a sudden halt, creating negative and distressing emotions from being isolated and cut off from the world, known as cabin fever. Family units are forced to stay home with an undercurrent of irritability and agitation. Finding ways to engage your brain and escape are great ways to alleviate these negative feelings. Not only can the entire family avoid cabin fever through participating in activities together, but create deep family bonds and emotional well-being for all. According to the University of Wyoming Family to Family study: spending quality time with children has significant effects on their well-being, including better grades, reduced substance abuse, improved mental health, and social competence.


Renovate Together.

No better time than now to tackle that household project or renovation. Who needs a team of painters when there are plenty of hands at home? Get the kids involved with easy diy projects for their room or allowing them to help paint an accent wall. The entire family can appreciate their hard work every time they step in the renovated space. 


Spirit Week….at Home. 

Since kids are missing out on school’s social activities, embrace them at home. Spirit week was always a fond memory and can be an excellent way to break the fever. Plan a different theme/color for each day of the week and ask all family members to participate. At the end of the week, hold an intimate “rally” at home by picking color teams and playing games. Include prizes and a homemade feast for added fun during the festivities.



Animal shelters and rescues have been devastatingly affected by this pandemic, leaving millions of animals in need. Studies have found that animal-human interactions reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness as they enhance social support and general well-being. The entire family will reap the benefits of fostering, such as practicing patience, gratitude and self-lessness, along with having a cute furry friend to love while stuck at home. Contact your local animal rescue or shelter to foster a dog or cat in need.


Get creative. 

Spending time on creative activities keeps your brain busy, in turn warding off feelings of boredom and restlessness. The internet is wild with lists of creative ideas to explore. Some examples include indoor/backyard camping, entering virtual talent contests, making homemade musical instruments and homebound scavenger hunts. Mindeshine’s Crazy Creative training program can get those creative juices flowing and promote everyone’s unique creativity. The interactive training exercises include finding creativity in uncommon objects, adopting the imagination of children, taking on new perspectives and much more.


Utilizing the daily Mindshine exercises and engaging in family activities can be essential to surviving quarantine and avoiding cabin fever. When life returns to our new normal and we have braved the pandemic, the family will be a stronger and more balanced unit.