While stressing about our loved ones and global instability, during an unprecedented time of pandemic chaos and uncertainty, it is easy to loose focus of our personal growth and well-being. With the enforcement of social distancing and closures of non-essential businesses, we can use the abundance of homebound time as an opportunity to switch off autopilot and get to know ourselves. Recognizing and subsequently following your dreams gives you purpose, motivation and fuels happiness. Turn lemons into lemonade by turning social distancing into prioritizing self-care and emerging from the pandemic aftermath as a more focused, intuned and happier version of our prior selves. The following tips and the Mindshine app will assist in building a growth mindset and creating your best self.

Engage in Honest Reflection

Key word: Honest. True internal growth begins with recognizing both your strengths and weaknesses. Instead of blaming society for your unemployment, acknowledge your personal disappointment for not extending 100% effort in the job search. Take one small action every day to combat such weakness, like improving your resume or applying to a set number of job postings daily. While sipping your morning coffee, quietly reflect, taking note of your strengths, weaknesses and unresolved issues. We suggest the Life of Purpose activity in the Mindshine app, which prompts individualized reflection through weekly guided questions and exercises that turns inspiration into action. Ultimately, this practice will provide an outline of ways to maximize and amplify strengths and areas to work through with therapy and behavior change to achieve life’s purpose. The road to greatness may be daunting, but with emotional intensity and repetition, can lead to clarity and mental freedom.

Self Discovery => Personal Growth

The majority of us live daily life like Groundhog’s Day, in a blur following the same routine, with our most exciting decision being the restaurant we order take out from. Evolve with this ample time by identifying a grander purpose. Foster plans for that dream to start up an animal rescue, own a niche cafe, or write a cheesy romance novel. Utilize the Life of Purpose Where I Want to Be exercises to imagine your most ideal self with these questions: Who is your ideal self and what are your achievements? Who are your role models and why do they inspire you? What does your best future life look like in 10 years? How would you feel after you’ve accomplished this? Make a list (down to the minute detail) of all the steps and sub-steps needed to align your actions with your objective. Lastly, research and implement positive changes; executing your plan for a life fulfilled.

Positivity and Gratitude

The pandemic has created an era of global unrest, negativity and stress, yet we have sole control over our mental health and actions for self growth. Choose to think more positively and powerfully about what your future can hold and what you’re capable of. Practicing gratitude naturally boosts your self-confidence by reducing feelings of envy and provides a greater understanding of what you value in life. Finding gratitude may be difficult during trying times, but with the use of Mindshine prompts, you can assess individualized thankfulness. In addition, we suggest creating a gratitude journal, FaceTime or email someone you appreciate to say thank you or simply mediate on life’s blessings.


In the time of a global pandemic, in which the outside world has come to a halt, you can maximize this time for personal growth. We hope you will use the tools above, along with the Mindshine app exercises, to ensure your post pandemic amazingness.