Our brains have what’s called “the negativity bias”. This means that our brains are conditioned to experience negative situations with higher intensity and easier recall than positive ones.

Having a negativity bias was once a safety mechanism during our primitive days, but today it greatly increases our stress and impairs our self-confidence.

On average, people have around 60 bad days a year- that’s two whole months! If you’re looking to continue a cycle of negativity and to add more bad days to your calendar, then here are some tips on how to successfully ruin your day.


[:en]deprive yourself of good sleep[:]

Having a miserable day doesn’t happen by accident. Like for many things in life, preparation is key.

Setting the right foundation for your day actually starts the evening before. Join 78% of people and make sure not to give yourself time to relax and unwind, and better yet, make sure to go to bed too late to ensure that you’ll wake up feeling unrested.

51% of adults already don’t get enough sleep, so that one should be easy for most of us. Ideally, you can aimlessly stay up late by watching a show that holds none of your interest, or that you don’t really care about.

Technology is a major culprit of keeping a mind and body from winding down. Yet, 68% of Americans watch TV before turning in, and 39% look at social media.

Although hard to face, it is a fact that sleep deprivation also helps worsen our judgment, mental clarity, and decision making. If having a bad day is your goal, then make sure to start the night before with a major lack of sleep.


[:en]excessively use social media[:]

Be honest, what’s the first thing that you do when you wake up? Check Social Media. This automatic behavior of tapping into your social accounts the moment you wake up instantly puts you in a reactive state of mind and stimulates your stress response. The biggest contributor to that stress is comparing yourself to others.

So, to feed that stress, focus on what other people have, and what you don’t. Let the pressure that you’re putting on yourself really resonate.

Excessive use of social media can also contribute to higher levels of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. We tend to compare and objectify ourselves more when we use social media, leading to worse mental health, lower self-esteem, and greater body shame.

What’s most amazing about social media is that from this negativity and stress that has nothing to do with us, we get the same negative psychological responses as stress and other emotions, proving that stress from social media is essentially contagious.

However, trying to increase our bad emotions upon waking is essential, since our moods in the morning affect our productivity for the rest of the day.

To further increase your chances of having a bad day, continue checking your phone throughout the day and pretend that all the notifications, likes, and comments matter – the dopamine rush that you feel will make you think that you feel good when really you just continue to increase your stress response level.

2:0 for you and your miserable day


[:en]engage in negative self talk[:]

Let your inner critic shine.

Exaggerate what it tells you.

Whether enjoying a book at home or meeting new people at the office, put pressure on yourself and, really beat yourself up for not fulfilling your potential and not having reached all of your goals yet.

Doing so will diminish your confidence in yourself and your abilities, and your energy level. You’ll surely appreciate a lack of energy since it will decrease your motivation to accomplish all those goals that you’ve been beating yourself up about.

By focusing on your negative emotions and the -not as perfect as you’d like them to be- aspects of your life, you also make sure that no positive thoughts (that might brighten up your day) will get in the way of your goal of having a miserable one.

With all the good that your inner critic will do for you and your goal to have a bad day, be aware not to give it a nickname- that would only diminish its influence over you and your emotions.

Let it also affect your quality of sleep by keeping you up at night, that way you’ll set the right foundation for the following day to be miserable as well.

>> Pro-Tip to Having a Bad Day

Make as many people as you can in your environment miserable as well. Spreading your bad mood and negative emotions gives others the gift to have a terrible day.

After all, misery multiples.

To Sum Up

It’s not enough that our brains have a bias towards experiencing negative situations with higher intensity and easier recall than positive ones.

To have more bad days than not, we must also deprive ourselves of sleep, use social media excessively, engage in negative self-talk, and make those around us miserable.

We can reduce so many positive factors that benefit our mental health, by choosing not to avoid the avoidable. So, what kind of day do you choose to have tomorrow?

Jokes aside

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