How Mantras Like “I am enough” Influence Self-Love and Confidence

Continuing our conversation on unrelenting standards, I wanted to discuss the importance of incorporating mantras into your daily life. These mantras, like “I am enough”, help to speak to your subconscious unrelenting standards and remind you of the progress that you have made thus far—ultimately establishing self-love and confidence in who you are. When we think about self-love, we may think about self-care actions. These may include taking time for ourselves, such as taking a long bath or going for a walk. Self-love can also be more complex. For example, confronting aspects of your mindset that are not healthy—like unrelenting standards. Self-love can be recognizing that you may engage in negative self-talk and negative thinking patterns that are not benefiting you in any tangible way—and then doing something about it. Your self-worth is not determined by how much you have accomplished or what standards you are setting for yourself. When we practice self-love by acknowledging areas we need to work on, all the while accepting ourselves for who we have become, we can build our confidence and progress towards our goals. 

More on Confidence…

When you think of confidence—what comes to mind? Is it a person who has accomplished their goals and stands tall and proud of who they are? Is it someone who accepts themselves and loves themselves unconditionally? For me, confidence looks more like the latter. When I notice someone who has made a mistake, for example, I look for how they respond. Confidence to me is taking accountability for where they went wrong, actively apologizing, and committing to move forward in a way that ensures they are continuing that accountability to correcting their mistake. Looking at the mantra highlighted so far— “I am enough”—we are accepting ourselves for who we are, despite our flaws. We are building our self-esteem through consistent acceptance and commitment to ourselves. This is not to say that you have to accept your flaws in way that keeps you stuck where you are. This mantra is simply saying that right now, you are enough, and you are committed to yourself in all areas—even those areas in which you are actively working to improve. Self-love does not come at a price—it is priceless. You have all of the resources to implement self-love in your mind. Here are some mantras to start implementing in your every day that will boost your confidence and improve your overall mindset, self-esteem, and self-worth. 

5 Mantras to Help Boost your Confidence

  • “I am enough”
  • “I am worthy of good things happening to me”
  • “I am not my mistakes, but rather, I stay accountable to them”
  • “I am not my past, or my future, I am just me right now”
  • “I am deserving of my own love and acceptance”

To Sum Up

When we think of increasing our confidence and shifting our thoughts to a more positive mindset, we can begin by incorporating mantras into our everyday routines. One tip that increases the likelihood that you will incorporate the mantra into your day, is to write the mantra some place you will look at when you first wake up. Waking up and starting your day with the mantras listed can increase your mindset, encourage you to practice self-love and acceptance, and will boost your confidence over time—as long as you stay accountable to yourself by practicing it. To help with the accountability, incorporate Mindshine into your morning routine as well. Emotional intelligence is a training plan that encourages people to notice their unrelenting standards and their reactions to those standards. Incorporating the emotional intelligence training plan can also boost your overall mindset and increase your self-esteem by teaching you new ways to be mindful and understanding of your emotions. Additionally, incorporating mindfulness and meditation practices can help to bring the unrelenting standards you set for yourself to light, and give you tools to directly challenge them, such as using the mantras as a response to negative thought patterns.